Inclement Weather, What You Should Know

Our programs and facilities are impacted by inclement weather.  Please see below to learn the easiest ways to find the information you need.

Check the Current Status of Fields

Learn About Facility Closures …


storm over sports field

By Phone

Call 703-228-4715 for updated information about our facilities’ status’, including fields and buildings. The line is updated every weekday at 3 p.m. and then as necessary.  On weekends, the line is updated by 7 a.m. and then as necessary throughout the day. For major weather events (e.g., snow), the line will be updated by 5:30 a.m.


rained outBy SMS Text or Email Alerts (Fields Only)

Find out about daily field closures, due to inclement weather, through this free service. Alerts are sent out in the afternoons and evenings during the week and periodically throughout the weekend. You can also visit our page on to view any closures, current or from previous days. Register now.


Program Specific Closures

  • Recreation Classes: If you take a class through our programs and there is a weather emergency (e.g., snow), we will update our weather hotline: 703-228-4715 with the exception of tennis.  * If you take a tennis class through our program, a coach will call you to cancel the class in the event of inclement weather.
  • 55+ Activities: If you participate in one of our 55+ programs and there is a weather emergency, call our weather hotline at 703-228-4715 or phone your senior center.
  • Nature : Indoor programs are cancelled in conjunction with Arlington County school’s closing policy.  Outdoor programs may be cancelled due to rain or other inclement weather – call nature centers for more information.