Letter to the Editor of InsideNoVa

Letter from Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation Jane Rudolph and John Chadwick submitted to the Editor of InsideNova regarding the April 7, 2014 opinion piece ‘The diamond at Quincy Park is losing its Field of Dreams appeal.’

April 14, 2014

Dear Editor:

Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools are committed to providing safe, enjoyable experiences for our athletic field users. We understand the concerns outlined in David Facinoli’s April 8th opinion piece “The Diamond at Quincy Park is Losing its Field of Dreams Appeal” and are doing our best to accommodate all of the County’s and Schools’ athletic needs. We agree that Quincy Park’s infield area needs to be replaced. Currently, the field is one of the most heavily used in the County. With one 90ft diamond field out of service because of Wakefield construction, the current field has to accommodate two high schools teams (JV and Varsity) and the community youth/adult baseball programs year round, which makes it a challenge to maintain the turf at a pristine level of service. Once the Wakefield athletic field replacement project is complete, currently estimated for fall 2015, we will grade and replace the grass at Quincy Park #1 Field. Unfortunately, we cannot repair all fields at once. These projects need to be scheduled and timed to accommodate the wide range of sports uses throughout the entire year.

In the interim, DPR and APS continue to work together to ensure that the Quincy Park Field #1 is maintained at a safe, recreational level of play. Any higher level of service would require additional funding. Currently, DPR contracts with an athletic field maintenance company to provide turf management services for the field and augments this service with staff support. We communicate regularly with the APS Washington-Lee Athletic Office about scheduling and maintenance needs. In addition, DPR and APS Facilities staff work in collaboration to address any turf maintenance needs or plans to include funding for renovation and/or replacement projects.

This is team effort. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to accommodate the community’s athletic needs.

Jane Rudolph, Department of Parks and Recreation Director

John Chadwick, Arlington Public Schools, Assistant Superintendent, Facilities and Operations